Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours in NYC


Driven by Generation Z: Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours in NYC

The real estate market in New York City is experiencing a variety of challenges, which when smartly tackled, can become compelling opportunities.
The first is technological progress, which is fast revolutionizing the NYC real estate market and impacting marketing, workflow practices and buyer perception.

Online presence is of the essence, in standard web as well as social media channels, and hot trends include 3D tours, drone footage and imagery, interactive floorplans, and more. These are swiftly moving from the Nice to Have category to Must Have tools of the trade. Agents who want their listings to be noticed and engaged with have no choice but to strongly consider adoption of these new technologies.


Virtual Reality Real Estate Tour

Virtual reality real estate tours, or VR tours, are immersive experiences that enable the customer to virtually explore the property in detail, creating the illusion that they are actually in it. They provide an eye-catching, engaging listing which has been proven to promote clicks and accelerate sales. 360 virtual tour real estate experiences provide the competitive edge that real estate agents need to stand out and display their properties at their best.


360 Virtual Tour Real Estate Experiences

The tech market evolution is driven by the coming of age of younger generations, from millennials to Gen Z. Home ownership by these groups is growing, and their presence is especially noticeable in the luxury rental market. Born with a smartphone in hand, they are naturally drawn to any digital presence that’s cooler than its counterparts, from 360 virtual tour real estate experiences to drone videos.

The tech revolution is not alone in presenting challenges to the New York City real estate market. In recent months, this has become a buyer’s market, showing prices on the decline, a wide gap between the ask and sell price, single-offer transactions, a lower sales cycles, and properties remaining on the market for a longer time period, which can typically reach 180 days. This trend, which has been in the making for over a year, is reminiscent of the market almost a decade ago. This market makes it more vital than ever to have strong marketing tools at your disposal.


3D Tours Made Easy: 3D Real Estate Walkthrough Editor

Real estate agents are rising to the challenge, and we’re seeing more and more 3D tours of real estate online. To complement this trend, the real estate photography NY professionals are creating these days strives to provide a new level of 360 real estate imagery and video.

Actually, 3D tours are quite easy to create these days, so many real estate agents are making their own tours. This is smoothly done with user-friendly 3D real estate walkthrough software that allows the real estate agent to simply upload any 3D imagery or video, organize the content and publish stunning 3D tours of their property in moments. Here’s one example of 3D tour editor that lets you create a real estate VR experience with zero effort.


See you at your virtual tour!