Virtual Reality Is Changing The World

Virtual Reality is EVERYWHERE. One of the most exciting digital revolutions is taking place right before our incredulous eyes: the VR Revolution. VR is about to change many aspects of our everyday lives, from work to play, so anyone who wants to be even remotely relevant in tomorrow’s market needs to take their first steps in VR today.

With 24/7 open virtual house tours, real estate agents are no longer bound by time, space and geography to get new clients

Streamlining Real Estate

VR is already disrupting the real estate business, and changing cumbersome industry practices that have burdened buyers and agents alike for years. Instead of wasting dozens of hours on house visits, clients now have the comfort of entering the virtual house and tour it 24/7, any number of times, regardless of where it’s located. They can listen to the water flowing in the fountain of garden in a mansion, or watch the urban view from a NY loft, experiencing the true feel of any space. This will allow them to see more houses, make wiser decisions, and better utilize the time of the realtor as well.

360 photography brings confidence and clarity to potential tourist looking for a hotel to book

Boosting Confidence in Booking Hotels & Travel

VR web experiences will give a substantial boost to the travel industry by increasing customer confidence in booking travel related products. When booking today, customers only have still photos, some videos, often of questionable quality, and written descriptions. These often don’t suffice to give the full picture of the vacation home, hotel or attraction.

The VR web is a whole different story: VR Videos and photos allow customers to experience firsthand what they are paying for. With heightened clarity and less qualms, customers are likely to make more purchases. Hotel owners will also benefit, as VR videos give them a chance to flaunt their unique features in a clearer, more compelling way.

Expressing the Designer’s Vision

VR tools add special value to the process of interior designallowing designers to express their visiondirectly and view it as a live finished space immediately. VR also improves the designer-client conversation, preventing misunderstandings and enabling more educated, realistic decisions for all parties. Of course, it also offers the interior designer a strong marketing tool, by allowing potential clients to visit and fully experience a portfolio of designed spaces.

VR brings innovative new practices to mental health and trauma therapy

Creating Effective Therapeutic Environments

There are many conditions which have not yet found sufficient relief in traditional medicine, as therapies often focus on medicine which can be addictive and often entails side effects. VR can create environments which are ideal for treating psychiatric and psychological conditions.

The simulated environment and its level of exposure, including vibrations, odors or intensity, can be tailored as required by the treatments. These can be used as an exposure therapy for PTSD, where patients encounter 3D representations of traumatic triggers within a therapeutic framework. They can also be used for post-stroke treatment, autism treatment and phobia mitigation.

A powerful educational tool – VR can help expand the mind of students and reduce costs for schools

Breaking the Classroom Walls

VR can help break the barriers of the classroom walls by providing fresh vistas. 3D videos can support virtual field trips to distant locations at a click, especially advantageous for people with handicaps. Visualization with 3D videos help students process, integrate and remember the information, so VR really has the upper hand as an educational tool. It can create illustrative, visually effective sessions in medicine or science, supporting the training of future doctors through hands on simulations that improve clinical skills. In some instances, VR can even replace a human tutor, which can also help cut the costs of learning.

New Kinds of Entertainment

VR and AR are expected to revolutionize entertainment as well, with the power to bring the story and the audience much closer, and integrate gaming and narrative entertainment. New forms of content will allow greater involvement of the audience in the storytelling, or have a TV show take place in the living room of the user.

Let’s Talk About Sex

While the technological industry might feel a bit ambivalent about the subject, there is no denying that adult entertainment is one of the major driving forces of VR today. The porn industry, estimated at around $100 billion a year, has always been at the forefront of technological advancement. Be it an interesting application of printing machines in the 16th century, imaginative use of the early cameras of the early 1900s or jumping on the VHS train in the 80’s, porn has never been afraid of trying new tech-toys, and VR is definitely one of them.

VR entices prospects of larger-than-life sexual experiences that are expected to be not only fulfilling, but also affordable, accessible and customizable. But VR has even greater potential – it can also provide a solution for populations who have limited access to sex today, such as handicapped, aged or isolated people. While the subject tends to raise quite a few questions about exploitation, morality, relationships and intimacy, there’s no doubt about one thing – porn has never shied away from innovation, and it’s not going to start to now.

VR can help bring empty malls back to life or start a whole new e-commerce revolution

Revitalizing Retail

The retail industry has been experiencing a major slump over the past few years, with many shopping venues remaining empty. VR can help bring back life into the shopping malls, offering compelling VR experiences within video arcades, driving consumers back to the abandoned spaces and driving more sales. Moreover, VR is a strong tool for enhancing brands with amazing experiences which will soon become the standard. A company can create a 3D showroom where customers can try on a designer dress or take a fast drive in a Porsche. A chocolate manufacturer can launch an interactive advertising campaign where users visit their factory and are tempted by tantalizing smells. Further on into the future, we’ll be strolling around virtual malls, busy with real-time immersive shopping.

Obviously, the applications of VR are endless, and there are really special, user-friendly tools out there for creating VR experiences.

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