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Build a Full VR Website

With DoublX Editor you can create a full-fledged VR website in moments. Just upload your content, connect it to your domain and you’ll have a distinctive website that captivates your visitors with an unforgettable experience. A VR website is nothing like the websites we all know, where you scroll, read, and maybe glance at some static photos. With a VR website, your visitor will be magically drawn into your showroom, architectural design, shop or resort, and will wander around it at her leisure. After she’s engaged with your offering and formed an emotional attachment, the likelihood of her making contact is so much higher.

Create Virtual Reality Sites in Moments

With DoublX Editor VR, you can offer your customers fully immersive virtual reality sites, complete with menus, different pages, action buttons, links, galleries, indices and more. You can integrate 3D videos, 3D photos, stereoscopic images, panoramic images and more to create a thrilling effect. You can also add titles, texts and graphics like logos or icons, and music, to enhance your virtual reality sites. And you don’t have to be a coder. No dealing with Java, WebVR or any type of code. A totally WYSIWYG interface. Just upload your content, organize it any way you like, and in moments you’ll have a future-ready virtual reality site.

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The Best VR Sites, HTML based!

The great thing about DoublX Editor VR is that you get an actual html VR website! We’re talking about a fully functional website with html pages, menus, a URL and everything – AND with VR functionality. You won’t get that anywhere else.  No one else will allow you to upload VR videos or stereoscopic videos to your html website. And yes, you can connect the website to the domain of your choice, and even to Google Analytics, to monitor and optimize your traffic. With DoublX Editor VR you can create the best VR sites on the web.

Virtual Reality Sites for Business

Virtual Reality has a big future in business. Businesses are expected to spend 9.2 Billion USD on VR tech in 2021, according to studies. And for good reason. VR is a powerful tool which gives us the ability to overcome the limitations of reality and transcend to a dimension that exists only virtually. In this magical dimension, you can travel anywhere at a click, create any objects or places that exist in your imagination, and go back in time by just hitting undo. With these capabilities, virtual reality sites offer businesses the opportunity to share their offering through exciting experiences in a global magnitude.

Upgrade Your Business With A VR Site

VR Future-Proofs Your Website

The web is not going to stay a 2D environment for long. VR is guaranteed to evolve into more and more realistic and interactive experiences, in more and more areas. It will increasingly take a larger part in our lives and our business activities, so it’s no use standing back from the revolution.

Many key enterprises are pursuing virtual reality in a big way. Desktop and mobile browsers now support VR experiences. Popular social networks have added VR video and photo support. The VR web has been born, bringing new scenarios and tools alongside it. Browsers now support advanced VR related scenarios. Graphics and networking performance has climbed to new peaks, forming a powerful infrastructure for VR. Now users can reap the fruits of this amazing technology.

Now that this revolution is an immediate certainty, it’s important to be a part of it. With DoublX Editor, in moments, you can have your own VR online infrastructure, future-ready for the next generation of websites.

Get Ready For The Future With A VR Site

A Rainbow of Applications for Sites in VR

Sites in VR can be great for endless applications: A boutique hotel, a photography studio, a showroom, a furniture store, an organized tour firm, a nature reserve, a wedding venue, an interior design firm, an architecture firm, and more. Imagine visitors wandering around a virtual showroom, checking out cars and even experiencing a drive in one of these cars; Picture customers experiencing an organized tour to Yellowstone park and watching the geysers; Clients entering a virtual house designed by your firm and walking across the patio, kitchen and the master bedroom. A man in Ohio experiencing vertigo as he glances down from the snowy Swiss alps.

Future-Proof Your Business. Build A VR Site With DoublX Editor Now