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Upgrade Your Sales with a VR Tour

The VR tour is the point where technology and innovation meet the business of real estate, hotels and travel. It’s the next generation of marketing for these industries. So don’t get left behind!

A VR tour is a great solution for boutique hotels, realtors, showroom owners and organized tours companies, offering viewers a simulation of what they can experience in real life, or a preview of reality. It piques people’s interest and drives them to make the next step. Even better, it creates authenticity, reliability and trust, which are essential elements for any business. When potential clients trust what they experience on your VR tour, and then even corroborate this experience with your real life offering, your positive reviews will increase, leading to ever more sales.

An Immersive 360 Virtual Tour

Getting a true feel of your hotel is a world away from reading about the facilities and viewing low-res photos. An immersive walkthrough with a 360 Virtual Tour lets your clients wander around a hotel, a property for sale or a showroom and immerse themselves in it. It makes the conversation with your customers vivid and effective – when a user experiences the product online and engages with it, rather than just browsing over it quickly, it makes a world of difference.

Visitors delight in the interactive feature of the 360 Virtual Tour, which allows them the freedom to explore and take part in the experience. They can take their time visiting any part of the hotel, like the suite’s bathroom or the patio, and focusing on details like the showerhead, or visiting the lobby and experiencing its elegant décor.

The Convenience of a 360 Degree Virtual Tour

The 360 degree virtual tour digitizes the real estate business and reduces the overhead associated with the sales process – from scheduling visits to staging the house, long visits and millions of phone calls. 3D tours provide an always-open-house, just right for the tight schedules of clients and providers alike. With 3D tours, potential clients can visit your property at 4:00AM or 22:00 on their smartphone – whenever, wherever. The 360 degree virtual tour replaces exhausting fieldwork, avoids logistics and associated costs, and is a superb alternative to physical visits. And of course, customers can view the VR tour as many times as they like to increase their confidence in choosing your product.

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Fast Forwarding Sales – Real Estate Tour

VR tours drive exposure, presence and sales and encourage higher conversion rates. With a real estate tour, for instance, customers invest energy, time and attention in your offering, creating a connection and a sense of ownership and making them more likely to reach out. According to studies, traffic increases substantially with VR tours.

In fact, the real estate tour makes your potential client engage with your property for longer periods of time than still photos, as it requires more time to take in the experience, forming a greater attachment and leading the client to the next step.

VR tours streamline pre-construction sales process, and make it more convenient. They’re a wonderful solution for an early sales start on new buildings or houses under renovation. With the versatility of VR, you can show them a completed house, furnished to perfection.

Most sales today start online, so you have to make your online presence shine. VR is the best tool to help distinguish your product from the competition.

Sharpening Up your VR Tour

To maximize the WOW effect of your VR tour, DoublX Editor allows you to create a medley of content types – 3D still photos, VR videos, titles, music, narration, graphics such as logos or iconography, and floorplans. The VR tour should include a multitude of angles and scales, and various FOVs (Field of View). This will make your VR tour diverse and rich, so you’re guaranteed to bewitch users and keep their interest.

You can even customize the tour for different audiences: You can create a VR tour of your boutique hotel for families, focusing on the child-friendly facilities of the hotel, and another tour for couples, focusing on luxury suites and a candlelit restaurant for a romantic visit.

Create An Amazing VR Tour

How to Create a Virtual Tour? Simple.

With DoublX Editor, you can easily create your VR touch with no tech know-how. Just upload your materials and customize your tour for your needs – VR videos of landscapes or interiors, panorama photos, 3D images or floorplans. You can add a variety of elements – titles, music, floorplans and shapes to enhance your tour and highlight your messages. The VR tour is compatible with all devices – smartphone, tablet, or desktop. In moments you’ll know how to create a virtual tour, and share it.

3D Tour for Hotels

There is an abundance of hotels in every major city, vying for user’s online attention. That’s why you can’t afford to be just another website. You have to constantly innovate your marketing toolset and presence – and a 3D tour can achieve this for you.

One obstacle people have when reserving a hotel online is a sense of insecurity about quality of the hotel and accuracy of the photos. Almost everyone has experienced at least one disappointment when arriving at the hotel and discovering that the photos weren’t an accurate reflection of the hotel’s appearance.  A 3D tour eliminates that fear. A customer can experience your hotel in the most realistic way possible, and achieves the comfort level required to take the plunge.

360 Virtual Tour for Travel

With DoublX Editor 360 virtual tour, you can be somewhere without going there. They give people a virtual eye for experiencing the world. Be it a resort, a museum, a cruise ship, a zoo or a national park – VR brings it all much closer to the customer. An organized tour company can offer potential clients a VR experience of their organized tour, so clients can decide what destination most suits their desires. The abundance of travelers today makes the 360 virtual tour an especially productive marketing tool.

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