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VR for Real Estate

Dazzle Your Customers

Real estate professionals face a cutthroat market. To beat the neck-to-neck competition with other realtors and the online listings, they’ve got to shine and create a compelling customer experience. DoublX for real estate can be that game-changer for you. It can help you expand your reach, handle more properties in a more effective way and best of all, get exposure to more clients and achieve more sales.

3D Tours – a Strong Marketing Tool

DoublX editor gives you the opportunity to take your business one level above the rest, with an exciting 3D VR walkthrough of any asset. It equips you with strong visual marketing capabilities with zero effort on your part. VR upgrades your customers’ engagement and excitement, allowing your clients to wander through a property as though they were actually in it. 3D tours and VR tours give people a full walkthrough experience, and are great support tool for both the buyer and the seller throughout the process. And the really big news is that now you can create VR tours of your asset easily, with no coding, for minor costs!

Give Your Customer An Exciting Experience Now

The Future is 3D Real Estate

Today, there’s no reason to view a property in 2D. Real estate conventions and procedures has remained unchanged for decades, although they’re excruciating, time-consuming and even expensive for all parties concerned. No one enjoys sitting in traffic for hours on the way to the house or outstaying your welcome in the property with an indecisive client.

New technologies have brought a new way to view the world. Now, with DoublX 3D Real Estate solution, you can show a property to an endless number of people, simultaneously, at any point in the world. As a realtor in Silicon Valley, you can have people in Tokyo, Dubai or Dublin experience the apartment. According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 95% of home buyers search for homes online. Now they’ll be able to virtually visit the house, rather than passively viewing it.


The biggest relief: No more wasting hour after hour of your precious time and energy on walking each and every customer through 30 apartments. With DoublX 3D Real Estate, you have a 24/7 open house. Each client can visit the apartment virtually at any time, at his/her convenience, and take her time experiencing the house. In minutes, clients can get a near-life experience of a dozen properties, and then select the apartments that are a good enough match to justify a physical visit. This way, you can focus your time on visits that really matter, and are much more likely to lead to a deal.

Enter The Future Of Real Estate

Virtual House Tours, So Much Earlier

DoublX Virtual House Tours allow you to start your sales campaign long before the house is ready. You can give people a tangible lifelike experience even before the cornerstone is laid, when the property is being designed or is under construction. This’ll give you a head start on your sales process.

VR House Floorplan

One of the easiest ways to share the apartment is a VR House floorplan. Just upload your floorplan to the system, and give your customers the chance to walk around the bedrooms, glance out the window, experience the height of the ceiling, view the entire space from the doorway and stand by the pool. Of course, you can also shoot VR videos or take 360 photos of the property and upload them. Whatever suits you.

10X Credibility of the 3D Virtual Tour

In order to buy a product, especially a costly one like a house, the customer needs to sense a high level of credibility. The client wants to have clarity and calm. The more question marks, the less likely is a deal. DoublX 3D Virtual Tour helps resolve fears, creates familiarity and attachment to the property, and builds a virtual link to the real house. It gives people a good understanding of the space, based on an accurate model of the house. VR brings you 10 steps closer to the purchase.

DoublX Virtual Tour Real Estate Quality

VR is a tool that more and more realtors are using. The trend is so hot that you can find it on popular social networks. Unfortunately, the VR quality on these networks is poor, so it totally misses the point. DoublX Editor, on the other hand, offers a solution tailored to the needs of real estate: High quality VR video, a VR floorplan and more.

DoublX VR Real Estate Features

There are various tools for 3D real estate, but they’re very basic. With DoublX Editor real estate toolkit, you can view your tours on any platform, mobile, tablet or desktop – anywhere and anytime. The coolest thing is that you upload any VR video or photo format, and then view all content formats with a VR headset. You can create 3D photo galleries and indexes, and best of all, create a complete online VR experience, compatible with all formats and platforms, for anyone to access anytime. DoublX Editorenables you to equip your VR tours with titles and text, which can add valuable information for the client – description of the area, highlighting various features, etc.

Better than Reality

DoublX gives potential buyers a larger-than-life experience of the property. Sometimes, it’s even better than reality: No broken plumbing, no offensive odors, no noise from the neighbor’s dog or cars on the street. Our VR toolset gives you an opportunity to showcase your property in an ideal state for a sale.

Start Creating Your Real Estate VR Experience Now