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Boundless VR Content Hosting

Sure, VR is a whole new world, and has the potential to revolutionize the web and online commerce as we know it. But every tech revolution needs a platform that makes it accessible. At 2Xperience, we decided to be that platform. We didn’t want our users to create VR content and then face the hassle of looking for VR video hosting providers or spending heavy cash. So we just decided to do it all ourselves. With 2Xperience, you’ve got a full solution for VR videos hosting from top to bottom. . It’s much easier than you think: Just upload your material, organize and design it any way you like, and presto! You’ve got yourself a fully hosted VR video experience.

Intelligent System, Simple Usability

Our No. 1 priority is making you feel that creating, editing and hosting your delightful VR experience with us is as easy as child’s play. That’s why we created a state-of-the-art smart system that supports amazing experiences, but is encapsulated in simple, friendly GUI. The powerful mechanisms of our system are 100% transparent to the user.

The VR Video Hosting Experience

We believe there’s only one important thing about hosting for both the provider and the user: A great VR experience. Oh, and obviously, the user shouldn’t be affected by all the other users who are enjoying their own great experience at the same time…

Popular sharing platforms may provide playback for 360 videos, but they tend to skimp on hosting and streaming costs. To achieve this, they automatically downgrade your video quality. At 2Xperience, on the other hand, VR is our key focus. We set our hearts on top notch video quality, and do our utmost to achieve and provide it. A slow upload is a hassle, and we don’t stand for that.

From the viewer’s standpoint, the top parameter that determines the experience is speed. A professional VR 360 video hosting service doesn’t acknowledge the concept of waiting. The VR video  should run undisturbed, with zero freezes or lags.

Think about the price of low quality streaming or playback. Consider this scenario: You’ve invested in planning and creating amazing footage of your interior design from a variety of angles, and uploaded a few virtual videos. Your customer is now immersed in your VR experience, her enthusiasm is building. Suddenly, there’s a lag, followed by a full stop. How fast will your customer cool down? How soon will she take off for another website? We all know the answer. It’s really not worth messing with low quality playback.

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Cross Platform: VR Video Hosting

There’s an abundance of VR content formats, from MP4 to MPG, MOV and more. Each has different behaviors and features, some are streaming files and some aren’t; Some are stereoscopic VR videos, some are 3600, and some are side-by-side. 2D, 3D, panorama videos or 360 interactive video. 2Xperience makes it simple – we just support all of them. Not just that, but we transcode your VR video to ALL formats simultaneously, so that it’s compatible with any platform – smartphone, PC, you name it. This will allow you to share 360 videos easily, so your users can view your VR video on the platform of their convenience. You can also upload virtual reality videos from any platform – PC, smartphone or even directly from your camera. As you may have gathered, we’re truly cross platform.

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VR Pictures Hosting

As friendly as we are with video, we’re just as great for VR pictures hosting. We support any VR pic format – Panorama, Equirectangular Projection images, Syybox Projection images and more. Images can add a lot to your VR experience – you can combine VR photos, videos, shapes and titles to create amazing content. It’s as easy as using any online photo album. Just upload, publish and share.

Upload VR Media with Zero Limitations

If you’re a graphic designer, you’ll want to keep up with the latest technology and awe potential customers. If you’re a photographer, you’ll want to showcase your work on the most accessible platform, to showcase 360 photography, panoramas, 3D rendering and virtual tours. All that content isn’t exactly compact. So where will you store all this amazing (and ultra-heavy) content? You’ll need a platform that doesn’t limit the size or the number of files in your VR photo upload or VR video upload. 2Xperience is that platform.

Although some providers or VR photo upload websites store 360 photos, no one offers BOUNDLESS VR content hosting – except for 2Xperience. With us, you can upload ANY file size, ANY format, from ANY platform – and FAST. No limitations on the number of media files, their length or size.

One Stop VR Shop

2Xperience doesn’t only allow you to create mind-blowing VR content for any purpose, and edit your video to perfection, but also provides you with a super-cool solution for VR content hosting. We want you to avoid the hassle of different providers for each aspect of VR, and be able to focus on what you really want to do: Create amazing VR content. We are essentially a one-stop-shop for VR content. And it’s just easy as 1-2-3. No complicated installations, no downloads, no dealing with one provider for VR content creation and with another for hosting. Just upload your VR video or photos, capitalize on your content, and we’ll take care of the rest. Sit back and enjoy.

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