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Do-it-Yourself VR Editor

Finally, Anyone Can Create a VR Experience

Not too long ago, you had to hire a programmer with 3D expertise and lay out heavy cash to create any kind of VR experience. Now, photographers, graphic designers and web builders can just create their own VR magic from scratch. 2Xperience VR editor lets you plan, organize and design cool VR content, creating a VR experience which is virtually a VR website. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, 2Xperience VR editor lets you easily edit your own content, just the way you like it, without having the drag of dealing with an outside provider. This way, your VR experience will be tailored to perfection by your own personal touch.

VR Software that Makes Your Work Sparkle

But to truly capitalize on VR, it’s not enough to just upload a VR photo or video. That’ll be old news fast enough. To really stand out in the crowd, you need a holistic VR experience that builds on the unique features of VR, such as hotspots, varying depths of elements, different formats, and a branded look and feel. 2Xperience virtual reality software allows you to easily showcase your design, art or photography work, encased in a hyper-real dimension, and brings it a step closer to the world out there.

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Media Editing to Make Any Video VR Enabled

With 2Xperience VR Maker, you can determine the depth of each element to maximize the 3D effect. You can set a video as the background, a logo at the forefront, and an actionable button in middle ground. The depth is manually controlled with our friendly drop-down interface. This allows you to make any video VR enabled.

To augment our flexibility, we support pano, allowing you to view 360 even without a headset. At a click of a button, you can switch from pano to VR. Regardless of the camera type used to create your media, you can generate any output – a top-bottom video, a side-by-side video, etc. We’re not going to limit you in any way. And it doesn’t stop there: The system is evolving toward powerful 3D effects capabilities.

From VR Gallery to Slideshow

With 2Xperience, you’ve got endless possibilities, like inserting texts or shapes, creating an index, slideshows, galleries, and, finally, storytelling VR websites. Upload any media – VR or non-VR –edit or organize a large number of pages, and create links between them with a menu for navigation according to your needs. All these VR experiences are built up without writing one line of code. No tech knowledge necessary.

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Titles at Any Depth

Adding titles into your VR video will make it more communicative and drive your messages across more effectively. The titles can be marketing slogans, names of people who appear in the video, titles, translation, or whatever crosses your mind. Of course, you can set the titles at any depth that suits your purpose, and even make the titles interactive.

FOV Controls for Immersive Experiences

2Xperience VR platform allows you to control FOV (Field of View), which is the scope of visible environment, one of the key aspects of any VR experience. You can choose anything between 90 and 180. The wider the view, the closer and more immersive the experience. FOV can be the difference between peering into a scene through a keyhole, where you can see the scene, but feel detached and distant; and being within an environment – or at least having a sense of being there.

VR Hotspots for Enhanced Engagement

VR hotspots furnish your VR experience with tangible value. They augment your VR and make it that much more interactive and dynamic. In any experience, when you actually engage in activity, it becomes extra memorable. 2Xperience VR platform allows you to easily add hotspots: Just select a location, connect it to an object like a button, shape or text and make it actionable when user engages with it – you can make it link to another html page or another media.

Branded VR

One of the great things about your VR experience is having it connect to your brand. The VR experience can add an exciting immersive touch to your brand and reinforce your perception. 2Xperience lets you easily brand your VR experience. You can add your logo on any of the VR pages, and even make it into an actionable object which is part of the story, and set it at any depth. You can design an experience with your brand colors, using them in shapes, texts and buttons. And of course, you can link the experience to your brand’s domain.

1-2-3 Publish!

Just hit Publish and your VR experience becomes public! 2Xperience experience runs on any browser as a standard website: All the content is html based, compatible with all platforms, so you can easily connect it to your own domain with a link or a QR code. Some providers require one app for Android, anther for iPhones, etc. Here, there’s no need for any downloads, installations or apps. We just support all platforms and devices to begin with.

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