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Virtual Tours for Architects

Transform Your Vision into Stunning Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours enable you to bring your architectural vision to life. It’s disrupting the architecture industry, from the design process and the ways people create designs, to the way clients experience these designs. Virtual Tours for architects is on the way to becoming the gold standard of this domain.

Express Yourself with Virtual Tours Architecture

As an architect, Virtual Tours allows you, for the first time, to express your creativity in a direct manner. As you launch a new project, you have an image in your mind, and the success of its implementation depends on the tools you have for modeling that vision. DoubleX Editor offers you a tool that will swiftly and easily reflect the truth of your concept in VR terms, through a 3D representation of your amazing space.

Moreover, even as seasoned professionals, architects may have occasional difficulty in building a space in their mind, especially spacial relationships and scale. A 2D representation only communicates a limited perception of the design, and the architect is required to repetitively translate two dimensions into three during the work process. Traditional design tools, including physical scale models, don’t always lead to a 1:1 implementation. VR, on the other hand, immediately gives a precise representation of the space – scale, depth and spatial awareness are represented in full.

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New Client Collaborations: with Virtual Reality Design Software

One of the greatest challenges in architecture is accurately conveying the design to clients. Where architects may experience difficulties in visualization at certain points, clients are often completely blocked in translating small models or 2D drawings to real-world scale. Many clients can’t look at a single tile and imagine an entire wall covered with it, grasp the idea of a particular height or get the feel of a space.

DoubleX Create offers a tremendously powerful VR architecture online software for presenting and communicating the design to clients. It gives you, as an architect, the chance to create accurate detailed 3D spaces, based on your floor plan design, including features such as furniture and electricity outlets, and even the surrounding views from different angles. The client can just stroll through your space, from room to room, and experience the your vision in VR.

How many times have you approved the design and commenced the construction, only to encounter dissatisfied clients or even forklift modifications after building completion? DoubleX Editor VR architecture offering can help mitigate these instances. It be an amazing support tool, from the presentation of the design, to coordination and modifications prior to the building process. Only VR can offer the sense of actually being within the space and experiencing its vibe. Both professionals and clients can test the experience of the space, without a single brick being laid. This “virtual blueprint” tool can help avoid disappointments and ensures a more robust client approval of the design. Most importantly, it can save considerable costs and time otherwise wasted on misunderstandings or mistakes.

DoubleX Editor VR architecture solution upgrades the process with swift iterations, enabling a new kind of collaboration with clients. In large-scale architecture projects, there are many complex facets, so having the client experience the design even before work has commenced has immense value.

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Polish Your Brand with VR House Design

Looking at issues of branding, using DoubleX Editor will position you as a technologically advanced and up-to-date professional. VR house design is fast becoming an industry standard and you don’t want to be left behind, appearing to use traditional tools which are on the way to becoming outdated. This way, you’ll easily outshine your competitors who are still not using virtual reality house plans.

Another way VR can be useful to architects is their portfolio. With DoubleX Editor , you create an online VR gallery to showcase your work, so potential clients and colleagues can immerse themselves in your work and experience it firsthand. VR house design differentiates your portfolio from other professionals, presenting your work in an exciting way, showing off your work much better than plain old JPGs or PDFs. With DoubleX Editor , you can easily create a full online VR website experience, compatible with all viewing devices, expanding the reach of your work and making it global.

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3D Floorplan Software

Until today, architects took their floorplans from AutoCAD or 3DStudioMax and exported them to a 2D picture. Now, with DoubleX Editor 3D Floorplan Software, you can still use the tools you are comfortable with – 3DStudioMax, AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign – and simply export your work to compelling 3D photos. It’s so simple to upload, share your vision and present it. Even better, while some 3D floorplans only support PC, DoubleX Editor 3D Floorplan Software supports any smartphone or tablet, allowing you to easily move within the space as though you were actually there.

VR Tours Home Design Features

DoubleX Editor advanced virtual reality home design features can be used enhance your architectural VR experience. You can play with FOV (Field of View), which controls the width of the viewer’s perspective, to make the experience more or less immersive at different points. You can also use VR hotspots that make the content more interactive and allow the user to engage with the content and follow each point to another place in the design. DoubleX Editor virtual reality home design allows you to incorporate any video format, including top-bottom or side-by-side videos, and any picture format, from 360 to panoramic. If you like, you can also add titles to your design to augment messages or explain features to the user. The titles can be placed at various depths according to your choice in your VR room design.

All this is possible without writing a single line of code, and with no technical skills whatsoever.

So why go on giving your customers the same old pictures and drawings? Use DoubleX Editor to offer your clients a tangible experience, and let them enter the future design.

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