Use Cases

Virtual Tours Walkthroughs for Real Estate

doubleX lets you create an exciting Virtual Tour walkthrough of any property. No more wasting your precious time on walking customers through dozens of apartments – now you can offer a 24/7 open house, endlessly available online. doubleX gives you a head start on your sales campaign, long before the first brick is laid. It also builds credibility and creates engagement with the property, which are crucial support tools for the journey toward a transaction.

Sales-Driving Virtual Tours

With a 360 virtual tour, you can go anywhere without leaving your home. Virtual Tours tours are a great sales anchor for boutique hotels, realtors and organized tours services, offering viewers a preview of reality and driving them toward the next step. With doubleX , you can enhance your Virtual tour  with 3D still life photos, 360 videos, titles, and graphics like logos or iconography. You can also play with hotspots, FOVs and depths to catch the user’s interest.

The Only Unlimited Virtual Tour Hosting

doubleX offers the only unlimited Virtual Tour content hosting service. ANY file size, ANY format, ANY platform – with high-quality viewing. There are no limitations on the number of media files, their length or size. doubleX supports all VR video and image formats, and transcodes your VR video to all formats in seconds simultaneously, making it compatible with any platform. This way, you can upload VR videos from a PC, smartphone or camera and then easily share your VR experiences.

A Stunning Virtual Tour in Moments

doubleX allows you to create a cool Virtual Tour in moments. Just upload your content, connect it to your domain and you’ve got an immersive online experience. This means a fully functional website with html pages, menus, galleries, 3D photos and videos, stereoscopic images AND VR. You can add menus, different pages, action buttons, links, galleries, titles, logos, indices and more. Of course, you can connect the website to the domain of your choice, and even to Google Analytics. And no coding at all.

Virtual Tour Travel Experiences

Create an online Virtual Tour experience that will allow customers to experience your boutique hotel, resort, organized tour, or attraction, and make them yearn for the real thing. VR has been proven to drive sales and conversions for your offering. Creating your virtual tour is easy – no coding whatsoever. All you have to do is upload your content and organize it to create the perfect virtual tour for your special needs. Just upload and publish.

Easily Customize Your Virtual Tour Content

The days when you had to hire an expert with 3D programming knowledge for a Virtual tour are gone. Now you can easily build your own online Virtual Tour experience, and customize it to your needs. Organize and design VR content with our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, determine the depth of each element, play with FOV and hotspots. The interface is so friendly, no programming whatsoever.

Virtual Tours for Architects

DoublX allows architects to express their vision directly with a powerful tool that creates amazing 3D representations of a space. Allow your client to stroll through your space, from room to room, and experience your vision in VR tour. Just import your designs from 3DStudioMax, AutoCAD, SketchUp or Revit and get compelling stunning VR presentations. DoublX supports any smartphone, PC or tablet, allowing clients to easily move within the space as though they were actually in it.