The Coolest VR Videos Online

VR is awesome, and it’s a fact (we checked). From beautiful 360 time-lapses of the northern lights to fully rendered VR experiences, there’s nothing like kicking back, putting on a headset and submerging yourself in a new world of possibilities. There are plenty of amazing videos online waiting for you to explore. To save you time and get you right to the top immersive videos, here are some cool options.

Experience Aladdin for FREE

A Broadway show is one of the most amazing performances you can find. The glitter, lavish costumes, the perfectly coordinated movements, the witty words and talented singers all form a larger-than-life experience that is one of a kind. In this video, you can attend the top number of one of the best shows currently playing on the New York stage. Not bad!

Fall off a Cliff

Ever considered jumping off a cliff? It’s not for everyone, but Kyle Mitrion actually went through with it. Kyle, from the US Cliff Diving Team, jumped off a rock in Italy at the 2017 Cliff Diving World Series. In this video, you can experience what it’s like to have the ocean getting alarmingly closer and closer by the second, at top speed, and finally falling head first into the water.

Visit Saturn

Be a trailblazer and go on a space mission (from the comfort of your couch). Explore Saturn with NASA’s Cassini spaceship, during its final mission. Journey across the wonders of the universe, and pass by stars as though they were petals flying past you in the wind. This is probably as close as most people will get to outer space.

Look a Lion in the Eye

Even when you go on an African safari trip, you can never get this close to the lions. You always have to stay at a safe distance. In this cool video, you can just get as close as possible to a fierce lion who is busy attacking its prey or just looking right at you. Check it out.

Get Attacked by a Shark – Risk-Free

Are you big on horror stories? Experience a horrific shark attack while you’re trapped inside an underwater cell with nowhere to hide. Watch as you and your diving mates are attacked by huge squids and scary barracudas, while the survivors get eaten by none other than an enormous shark… All this, entirely risk free. Enjoy the pretzels.

Into Kendall Jenner’s Closet

Enter Kendall Jenner’s amazing closet (actually it’s a room lined with four full walls of designer clothes) for a full experience of her fashion choices and everyday life. She’s got beautiful items by Versace, Hermes, Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Manolo, and she’ll show you what she likes to wear on different occasions, from pajamas to thigh-high boots. 360 is the right word for this!

Go Batmersive

A full legomersive experience with a Batman flavor. Take a ride in the batcave and emerge right into Gotham city, while Batman once again attempts to rescue it from the Joker. Don’t miss out on the action!

Join Fighter Planes in Iraq

Ever wanted to experience combat firsthand? Join the BBC journalists Joe Inwood and Nafiseh Kohnavard and get on board of a fighter helicopter on a flight over Mosul, Iraq, during the combat with ISIS. It’s a unique experience you won’t get anywhere else.

2D in 3D

Can 2D work in 3D? Disney’s Ducktales says Yes. Join Scrooge McDuck and his family and friends for a cool 3D experience of the Lost Key of Tralla La! This unique cartoon immerses you in a 2D world that’ll make you scream Woo-oo!