How to create a 360 virtual tour

Before you start creating your virtual tour, make sure you have the following
•    Vuze XR camera with a memory card
•    Tripod
•    Smart phone
•    The Vuze XR app (available for download below in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store)


Connecting the Camera to your phone

Turn on your camera by pressing the power button (marked in green).
You’ll know it’s on when the little white light is on.


Now press the wifi button, located directly above the power button.


Now turn on the Vuze XR app in order to connect the camera to you smartphone. Click the top “Connect” button in the app to connect. If you are asked to enter a password, enter the following: 12345678


Camera Settings: Once the camera is connected, click the settings button in the app (the gear icon on the bottom main page)

Click on Video settings and select:  “4K@30FPS”

Click on Photo settings and select “In camera stitching”

Click on Internet settings and enable Wifi direct. This will allow you to surf the web while connected to the camera. If you’re using an Apple device, skip this stage

Click on Camera settings and select “Near stitch”  


Now set the camera on the tripod on its highest setting. Make sure to lock every level of the tripod in place


Set the tripod in the center of the room where you want to capture the 360 image. If there’s a light source in the room, make sure that neither lens is facing it directly. Try to avoid a position where one lens is facing the light source and the other is in the dark.


Make sure that the camera is on “photo” mode and not on “video” mode. Once the camera is in place, click the capture button in the app. That it’s! Once you’ve done this you’ve taken the first photo. Repeat these steps until you’ve captured every part of the property.


Once you’re done photographing, connect the camera to the computer using a USB cable. The images will show up in the DCIM folder. The relevant images are in JPEG format.


Open a folder in your computer and copy the images from the camera to the computer. At this point you’ll be able to name your images (e.g. bathroom, bedroom etc.). You can always adjust these names once logged into the DoublX editor.


Connect to the editing platform using the next link: If you haven’t created an account yet, you’ll now be able to create an account using Google, Facebook, or your email address.


Now in the top left part of the screen, select “create new project”.


Project settings: Once you’ve started to create a project, you’ll be prompted to enter the project settings. Here you’ll be able to set the details which are visible on the project including the agency name, realtor name, email and phone number. Make sure to click the eye icon so these details will be visible. You can also add a floor plan, a FAV icon, and a stamp which will appear on the bottom of every tour.


Uploading files to the system: At this stage the media library will open. In the media library you can create a folder in the system for this project. Now click on the upload folder button and you can select the folder you created earlier with the relevant images. Once you select the folder, all of the images within it will enter the project including the room names.


Now that all the images have been uploaded to the system, you can select the images necessary and click on “create new project”. Now the editing page will open.

If you want to change the room names, you can do so at this stage under the pages tab using the pencil icon.


Congrats! You’ve now created your first tour. You can now share your virtual tour on Facebook, Whatsapp and more using the “Share” button in the editing platform.

Just remember that after every edit to click the “publish and save” button.


If you wish to spice up your tour, you can do the following:

- Add Hotspots (buttons) which will connect disterent locations in your tour

  • Click on the Hotspots tab and choose your favorite option. You can easily edit its size, location and rotation.
    To connect the hotspot to another page, choose the image you wish to connect under “target page”
  • You can add texts under the “Text tab”
  • Snapshot allows you to take high quality 2D screenshots from the 360 images you have in your tour

That’s all for now! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to write us