Fireside Chat: Interior Design In VR

What do professionals and clients think about 3D Interior Design?

Janice Bradshaw, interior designer: “For me, the 3D spacial awareness I gained by incorporating VR in to the design process is nothing less than a revolution. That certainly can’t be achieved by traditional means. Using a 3D floor plan creator for my work gives me a much better and more realistic understanding of the space, its limitations and advantages, so I can work on more suitable concepts. It’s a huge relief.”

Amy Rogers, client: “When I renovated a few years ago, we had a huge misunderstanding with the designer. At the end of it all, after spending hundreds of thousands on the house, we ended up with a home that felt cold and empty. It was so uninviting that it just felt like we were lost in our own living room. Then we had to do some heavy redesign work to warm it up. This time, when we renovated, my designer gave us a VR tour of the house to approve before starting to work. We just walked through the house endlessly over two weeks, until we knew exactly what changes we wanted to make. After that, the designer modified the 3D tour according to our requests, so we knew exactly what we were getting.”

With VR clients can experience their property from different angles before any construction or purchases were even made

James Greenblatt, interior designer: “What I find to be most remarkable about virtual reality interior design tools is the ability to view the design from a multitude of perspectives. That’s a total game-changer for me. I can see the living room from the door, from the kitchen and from the TV lounge and that gives me a holistic perspective, so I can make sure to leave enough empty space to ensure an airy feel”.

Bob Downton, interior design student: “We’re studying with VR models, and it’s really helpful to get a clear idea of the impact of light distribution, sunlight, glare and more. The 3D room planner just lets you have a better understanding of the environment.”

Amanda Jones, interior designer: “We used to design and build full-fledged showrooms to sell apartments under construction, which took up a lot of time and effort. Now with 3D floor design, we can just create a VR experience of the apartment, or even several experiences of different types of apartments, and then clients can just come into the office and sample all of them to decide what they like best.”

Changes in the designing process are made simple and instantaneous with a simple click of a button instead of weeks and thousands of dollars later

Stan Brookheimer, interior designer: “Whenever I show prospective clients my portfolio of VR experiences, they’re impressed beyond belief with the innovation and tech, regardless of the actual design. Using VR architecture tools makes me look like a really advanced professional, so I gain points before people even get a glimpse of my actual work”.

Sally Channing, client: “When the designer showed me the VR tour of my apartment, he also showed me lots of possibilities. With just a click, he eliminated a wall, added a window, moved a sofa or changed the lighting. This way, in just one short session, we went over all the design options and I was able to approve the design.”