Inspirational VR Experiences for All

At DoublX we believe that creating VR experiences should be easy. As a VR-savvy team based in innovative Israel, we set out to develop the coolest VR toolset.
Our motto is: Anyone Can Create Online VR Experiences.
We identified a high barrier for creating VR content and decided to develop a friendly online drag-and-drop editor that would make VR accessible to the masses. No tech knowledge or programming whatsoever.
With our online VR experiences, you can convey the excitement, vibe and hot features of your offering to your audience in a fully functional 3D html website, serving as a 24/7 available showcase. Your clients can visit your boutique hotel, online gallery, apartment design or museum virtually anytime, and become inspired and fueled with passion the real thing.
Beside simplicity and inspiration, we also value full compatibility: We support any VR video or photo, any platform (smartphone, PC, etc.), any length or number of content chunks and the FOV of your choice. Using our platform, you’ll also discover lots of great features like hotspots, VR galleries, effects and more.
Our tool empowers customers from various backgrounds and industries to dramatically improve and upgrade their services and offering. It’s tailored to the needs of hotel owners, realtors, architects, interior designers, photographers, tourism enterprises and more.

Our end-to-end solution for creating and hosting your stunning online VR experience. Friendly interface, fully hosted.