About Us

Inspirational VR Experiences for All

Double XVR Ltd is an Israeli company, developing advanced display technologies. The company’s vision is to empower each person to create VR experiences, and consume them without knowing code, and without using expensive equipment. 

By creating a virtual tour with DoublX, you’ll gain a dazzling 24/7 showcase of any space on earth. Whether you’re a professional photographer who wants to take your portoflio to the next level, a real estate agent looking to boost sales, or an architect who wants to bring designs to life,  DoublX is perfect for you and it’s completely DIY!

Just shoot 360 photos and videos, and create a VR website in moments – no need for any web design or coding knowledge!

The best part is that you can use DoublX to best suit your needs. You can create a tour with 360 photos or videos (or both!), which can be accessed online as a cool 360 website or an immersive VR tour providing a lifelike experience! Using our platform, you’ll discover lots of great features like hotspots, VR galleries, effects and more that’ll take your tour to the next level.