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Express Your Interior Design in VR

2Xplore VR gives life to your interior designs. Starting today, you can easily create amazing 3D reflections of your ideas, in moments. Provide corporate and individual customers with an impressive 3D floorplan that’ll showcase your work in a compelling way and allow them to immerse themselves in your future design. For the first time, you can channel your creativity directly from the concept in your mind, into a 3D reflection of that concept. It’s as close to reality as you get ever get.

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Detailed Virtual House Walkthrough

You can create a full visualization of your design using 2Xplore virtual house walkthrough, from realistic spaces to elements like furnishings, TV screens, electrical appliances, carpets, greenery, hardwood textures and lighting fixtures. With a virtual house walkthrough, the client will be able to see exactly what she’s getting, and you’ll be able to proudly exhibit the full power of your design, unbound by traditional limitations. As Albert Einstein said, “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”; so using people’s imagination for our benefit, would bring immense value.

Easy 3D Floorplan Creator

It’s ridiculously easy.  With 2Xplore 3D floorplan creator, you can keep using the software you’ve always use and feel comfortable with – SketchUp, Autodesk AutoCAD, AutoDEsk Homestyler or any other interior design software. Just export your floorplan into 2Xplore VR and within moments, you’ll have an amazing space to view.

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Setbacks of the Past

Traditionally, interior designers provided customers with 2D floorplans and verbal descriptions to convey their concepts for the design. Communication, however, does not always accurately convey the visual concept. Describing colors, scale and space and combinations between various objects can be inadequate, to say the least. 2D floorplans also do not perfectly represent reality either, especially in the aspects of depth, height and angles. In a drawing, many practical, functional aspects of the design are easily overlooked.


The invigorating, creative nature of interior design projects has often been shadowed by a sense of confusion and disappointment. Sometimes, customers approve the plans for interior design, breaking down walls and ordering custom kitchen cabinets, only to discover after completion that the cabinets are too overwhelming in the crowded kitchen space, or that too much space was allocated to the bedroom, at the expense of a tiny bathroom.

Resolving Difficulties with 3D Home Design

3d home design can overcome difficulties that have always been a part of interior design, like dissatisfaction with the result of the design, or deliberations about selecting a particular design or element due to the inability to predict what it would look like when actually installed.


Especially in large-scale projects, 2Xplore VR is a wonderful support tool, enabling visualizations of various different options leading to educated choices. Questions like: “How will the sofa and carpet look together? Will this shade of green be took dark? Is this window too close to the bed?” can now be reliably examined, simulated and answered in moments. Now, people can actually enter the proposed space, wander from one room to another, get the vibe, review it from all angles and gain the confidence required to kick off the project.

Showcase Your Work with VR Home Design

With 2Xplore VR home design, you can easily create a full VR video walkthrough of your design, including a 3D photo gallery and index. You can enhance your experience with an abundance of elements like titles, music, shapes, graphics and logos. The result can be a full VR website experience accessible through a QR code or a link for anyone to see. You can view the experience with a VR device, or just view it on your smartphone.


2Xplore is an extension to your site or social media that enables you to showcase your work in an optimal way to a larger audience. All you need is to upload your work to our server and show it to the world.

Showcase your work in VR

Reinforcing Your Brand with 3D Home Design Software

2Xplore VR will position you as a technologically advanced and up-to-date professional. VR is on the way to becoming the gold standard, and as a designer, you don’t want to look like you’re stuck in the middle ages. 2Xplore VR tools can help build an impressive online portfolio that will entice new clients. You can create a stunning portfolio of engaging spaces that potential clients can walk through and experience, making them much more likely to call you up.

The Future: Interior Design Using Virtual Reality

VR is the tomorrow of interior design. VR technologies are playing a revolutionary role in Interior design, changing both the design process, client workflows and the marketing of interior design.

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